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Best Places to Learn About Legal Technology

If you’re into legal technology you know the last couple of years have seen tremendous growth in the legal sector with startups trying to solve just about every pain point in the legal industry. Trying to keep up with all of the new startups, their product or service offerings and the problems they are attempting to solve can be pretty tough. To help you learn about and keep up with all the new legal technology out there, I have created a list and description of my top places on the web to stay informed about all the legal technology that will be shaping the future of law. If you have favorites that aren’t included in this list, please suggest them in the comments below. Happy reading:

Law Technology Today

This one is pretty obvious. If you’re reading this post you already know that the good folks at Law Technology Today are great about curating the best bloggers and content related to legal technology. Here is a quick tip you may not have thought of regarding Legal Technology Today; many of the content contributors (myself included) are legal technology enthusiasts and write about the subject regularly on their own blogs and social media channels. Visit the contributors page and look for interesting people to follow on Twitter and other social media.


AngelList is the place where startups go to promote their business, look for tech talent and attempt to raise capital online. The site is organized into several business sectors and includes it’s own section for legal. As of this posting there are 1,146 companies listed under that category. Perusing those alone should keep you busy for a while.

LinkedIn Groups

There are several groups on LinkedIn that maintain regular discussions regarding legal technology. In fact, we at ONE400 created our own group called Legal Tech (you need to be logged in and request to join). This group has upwards of 846 members from law firms and startups distributed throughout the world. There are several others as well. Take a look at LinkedIn Groups and find one that covers material you’re into.

Law Hackers

David Bushby of Lexoo is the founder of He curates and covers the latest in legal technology startups. His site is very comprehensive and hosts not only written content but also in depth video interviews of several startups in the legal technology space. If you are running a startup yourself, you can submit it for consideration to be included on his site.

Codex – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

Aside from Codex’s academic role, the Center has been a leader in aggregating and distributing information related to legal tech. They have a weekly presentation meeting where academics and business people present new technologies and discuss the future of law. I personally enjoy following them on Twitter for quick updates. You can also sign up for the weekly meetings on their website and call in to listen to the presentations in real time. Finally, if you can make it, their annual conference is a great way to meet other legal technology enthusiasts.


Is a great source for finding other legal technology enthusiasts. I recommend starting with a simple hashtag search such as #legaltechnology. From there you should get a list of potential influencers and enthusiasts to follow. While you’re there, be sure to check out and follow Evolve Law. Evolve Law is co-run by Law Technology Today contributor Mary Juetten of Traklight. They cover a range of topics related to legal technology and the future of law.

Legal Hackers

Yes, there are really great legal hackers out there and thankfully, they are looking to improve the legal industry, not destroy it. Legal Hackers explains best what they are right on their site: “Legal Hackers is a fast-growing global movement of individuals passionate about developing creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology.” You can find a chapter near you for offline interactions or follow their blog for updates.

Above the Law

Last but not least is Above the Law. They have a section dedicated to legal technology. They publish content regularly and keep the site fresh. Add a bookmark and check it regularly or better yet, create an rss feed and get a regular digest of legal technology content.

While learning about or keeping up with legal technology online is helpful, innovation and the future of law is happening everyday offline in small groups throughout the globe. If you’d like a more hands on approach to learning about legal technology I recommend finding a Meetup group near you or finding time to visit a legal hackathon. I am interested in learning about your favorite resources so if you have any that you’d like to share please do so in the comments below.

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