Amicus Client Portal

The New Amicus Cloud Client Portal

Practice management software is the best possible tool for having a better organized, more productive law firm. It integrates practice information into a single, easy-to-use system.

Amicus Cloud is full-featured practice management in the cloud. This innovative and mobile product helps run your law practice so you can focus on practicing law—anywhere, anytime. And its new Client Portal lets you collaborate with your clients through a secure online portal.

The Amicus Client Portal gives you the ability to easily share information electronically with clients, so you can work faster and demonstrate value to them. They will be able to use a browser to log into a secure entry point as part of the legal services you provide them.

Setting up a branded portal with your firm name and logo is effortless. You control who has access, and to what. Nothing gets exposed on the Client Portal unless you want it to be, and clients can only access it if you invite them to.

The Client Portal enables clients to feel connected and in control of their legal work. They can view and download documents, see their file, provide commentary and upload relevant information.

The Amicus Client Portal is designed to be easy to use. Real time alerts keep you updated on portal activity so you can always see a record of recent changes made by your clients. Clients can also set up notifications alerting them to new items shared with them in the portal.

The Client Portal is only one of the amazing features in Amicus Cloud—learn all about Amicus Cloud here.

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