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Getting the Most Out of Online Forms at Your Firm

Information collection is made incredibly simple with online forms. Using a do-it-yourself online form builder allows firms to have all their data stored in the same place, whether this includes onboarding information, new business requests, or even just general questions from existing clients. Some forms are perfect for embedding on your firm’s website, while others are designed to stand alone, like onboarding forms. Below are just a few of the most common ways legal firms are using online forms:

Gathering information from prospective clients

A well-placed lead collection/contact form embedded on the top fold of your website has far-reaching proven benefits, like getting you more leads, clients, and revenue. The trick with lead gen form is keeping them simple and clean. Don’t ask for information you don’t need, it could frustrate potential business. Instead, stick to the basics: name, email, phone, and a short area to describe their case.

On-boarding new clients with client intake forms

Client intake isn’t a fun process for anyone. But online forms make the process markedly simpler than having your new clients fill out a paper form by hand at your office, or asking them to print and scan responses. Pro tip: integrate your intake forms with tools you use to manage data, like shareable spreadsheets or CRMs.

Agreement forms

Most people aren’t aware how easy it is to send legally binding signatures through online forms. This means that any agreement form (NDAs, client contract agreement, etc.) can be turned into an online form with a field added for electronic signature.

Client satisfaction/feedback surveys

Feedback is so valuable for any legal business. Every now and again, you should check the temperature of your client list to see if there is anything you can do to improve your practice. Anonymous surveys tend to yield more honest results, but it’s not a requirement. Either way, your clients will be happy their voices are being heard, and you’ll reap the benefit of having insights for running a better firm.

Job Applications

Most law firms post job openings on their websites, but few take advantage of the seamless application process possible with online forms. Using the online form management software that you’re using for everything else, you’ll be able to access applicant information from the same dashboard that you manage client requests and intake information. File-upload add-ons are simple to include to facilitate collecting resumes. Another added benefit is that application forms help employers get the exact information they need from applicants with the help of required fields.

So whether you’re looking to reduce the cost and headaches associated with printing paper forms, or you just want a better way to for your firm to stay organized, online forms can be a big help. The best part is that it doesn’t take technical knowledge to implement online forms at your office with the abundance of do-it-yourself form builders on the market—and most are incredibly affordable.

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