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Thomson Reuters Surveys Case Notebook Users

Thomson Reuters recently conducted a survey of Case Notebook users to evaluate how utilizing case management software for critical tasks influences their efficiency, strategy, and synergy. Respondents reported significant gains in productivity for nearly all tasks performed using Case Notebook. Along with productivity gains, most legal professionals believed Case Notebook improved their overall case strategy and allowed them to collaborate more effectively. With growing amounts of accessible information, 73% of users felt Case Notebook helps them better manage every detail of a small or large case.

Efficiency Gains

With all the information and documents that comprise each case, it is easy to lose valuable time searching for documents, terms or notes. Case management software gives time back by allowing legal professionals to perform time-consuming tasks in an efficient manner. In this study, case management tasks resulted in anywhere from 35% to 84% time savings. For example, the following time savings were experienced:

  • 84% or 75 minutes saved searching for an electronic note.
  • 80% or 252 minutes saved pulling together information related to a specific issue.
  • 77% or 331 minutes saved creating a timeline of the key facts.
  • 73% or 129 minutes saved reviewing the key facts in a case.

With Case Notebook’s Portable E-Transcript app, attorneys can review transcripts from any location at their own convenience. This free app was rated as one of the top essential apps for trial lawyers for transcript review by The National Law Review.

Case Strategy Improvement 

Analyzing numerous documents, issues and facts in a case to draw connections is critical to building case strategy. Since 80% of Case Notebook users report that cases are more document intensive than a few years ago, utilizing technology to manage cases is more imperative than ever. Survey respondents stated that Case Notebook enabled them to improve case strategy, specifically:

  • 88% reported developing more clear direction for evidence and key facts;
  • 82% noticed reduced costs involved in analyzing all the data in their cases; and
  • 73% were able to map out a more comprehensive and understandable story with the help of Case Notebook.

Increased Synergy

Collaboration between team members on a daily basis is essential to producing consistent results and avoiding overlooking key details. With the ability to view notes from other team members, share documents and build a cohesive case within one location, Case Notebook allows teams to work in a more organized manner. When using Case Notebook, 49% of legal professionals found the software permits greater collaboration with team members.

What Else Should You Know?

Case Notebook now allows legal professionals to add designations directly to transcripts.  Learn more about Case Notebook.

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