Head in the Clouds: Balancing Convenience with Reasonable Care

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High-profile data breaches occur on a regular basis; and, the specter of being affected by such incursions weighs heavily upon large and small businesses alike. Law firms can feel particularly vulnerable, given the stock placed in their ability to protect client confidences. In this environment, lawyers can become wary of cloud computing options.

The good news is that every state opining on the ethics of cloud computing says that lawyers can use it, with one big caveat: such use must be reasonable, including reasonably secure. Therein lies the rub: How do you gain the benefits of the cloud (to be derived by you and your clients), while effectively managing risk? …Good thing you’re going to attend watch this video.

  • Understand the baseline security features
  • Ensure that your firms stays in compliance
  • Learn how to discuss the cloud with your staff
  • Gain insight on reassuring clients of cloud security

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Jared Correia, LOMAP

Jared is the Assistant Director and Senior Law Practice Advisor for LOMAP (Law Office Management Assistance Program in Massachusettes). Before joining LOMAP, Jared managed CLE publications and the Casemaker research engine for the Massachusetts Bar Association. He has been a practicing lawyer, in small firms, where he mostly focused on personal injury, real estate and disability law.

Jared is a regular contributor to local and national legal publications, including Attorney at Work, where you can find his monthly column, entitled ‘Managing’. Jared is the author of the American Bar Association publication ‘Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers’. He is the co-host of the podcast ‘The Legal Toolkit‘ on Legal Talk Network, and is featured on a quarterly podcast at Solo Practice University. Jared also presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2013, on remote access and social media marketing.


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Please note, this is a non-CLE webinar.

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