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Did You Call Your Client Today?

Your client doesn’t care that your software didn’t remind you. All your client knows is that you didn’t call. Now your client is wondering, “What else has my lawyer forgotten?”

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, start by making sure you have the right software. And that doesn’t mean Outlook.

Yes, Outlook can…

  • Keep simple appointments and show you your calendar.
  • Keep contact information about people you know.
  • Send and receive email.
  • Be used by anybody.

It remains inadequate, however, for a lawyer’s sophisticated needs. Outlook cannot…

  • Alert you in multiple different ways about every task on each matter, ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Track entire client matter files, of which contact information is only one aspect.
  • Organize files according to area of practice, documents related to a case, meeting notes, research, communications, and jurisdiction.
  • Integrate with billing software to make your appointments, telephone calls, email, research and document writing time become billing entries.
  • Generate documents for you, and automatically create a billing entry for the time you spent doing so.
  • Be called law practice management software. That is not what it is designed to do.

When all of the information you require for a case is in one spot, you save so much time and practise law more accurately.

You can work your case more efficiently, therefore be more productive, and ultimately more profitable.

Enter Amicus Attorney Law Practice Management

Developed by lawyers for lawyers, Amicus Attorney saves administrative time and effort while capturing billable time you’ve been missing.

Most important: Amicus will remind you when it’s time to call your client.

This 56-second video shows how easily you can set a callback reminder.

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