Law Practice Today Review

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division publishes a monthly webzine, Law Practice Today, covering the latest topics in law practice management. April’s edition focuses on marketing, discussing topics such as the next generation of lawyers, client retention, branding, pricing, SEO trends, and more. Here are some highlights from this issue:

Send a Clear Signal Amid the Noise: Content Amplification Strategies That Work” by Steven Andersen and Helen Bertelli

“Professional services firms spend a lot of time generating content for marketing purposes, but the vast majority of it is lost in the noise of similar content (client alerts, newsletters, white papers, etc.) produced by their competitors. Moreover, firms seldom employ content amplification strategies that ensure the right audiences actually see the content and pass it on to their networks.”

Law Firm Data Hack Attack, Part I” by Nicholas Gaffney

“The revelation that some of the country’s most prestigious law firms were hacked in an attempt to uncover confidential information, coupled with the ‘Panama Papers’ scandal, has put an uncomfortable spotlight on law firms and their data security programs.”

Thinking Small About Legal Tech” by David Perla

“One could argue persuasively that the impact of technology has been greater on—and more beneficial to—small firms than large ones. Consider the answering machine. Before that tool arrived, law firms paid receptionists and secretaries to answer lawyers’ lines. Large firms could spread the cost of that function over many lawyers (and some still do), while small firms could not. The answering machine gave small firms an opportunity to cut a greater percentage of their operating costs, and to divert those resources to other functions. The same story has played out in other advances in legal technology.”

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