About Dan Steiner

Dan Steiner
I first got into the web design industry at about 12 years old, when I taught myself basic coding practices, and designed my first (incredibly ugly) website. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch the web design and marketing industry completely change, going from incredibly limited site designs, to complex mobile-friendly interfaces that are now faster and more capable than ever. My first encounter in the legal web and marketing industry was through my old man, who was an IP/Patent attorney. I started Online Virus Repair Inc, where I served as CEO and head of marketing. I have worked alongside some of the brightest search engine marketing minds in the industry, including Brian Dean, Ann Smarty, and many others. Have written for some of the most respected publications online, including The Huffington Post, Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Yahoo, and many others. Have worked with numerous law firms over the years and have brought in millions of dollars’ worth of cases. Have designed and managed over 200 different websites. Extremely talented content marketer. Have published with over 40 different brands, and counting.

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