LawAlign Launches a Powerful CRM Module

LawAlign Launches a Powerful CRM Module

NEW YORK CITY,  29 February 2016 — LawAlign is excited to launch a Client Relationship Management module to their already comprehensive Personal Injury Case Management Software at the ABA TECHSHOW 2016.  Their new CRM module will be the foundation for maintaining relationships with both existing and past clients.  It is key to attracting new clients and repeat business. LawAlign’s CRM database is composed of Advertising Management, SMS/Text Integration and Mass Emailing, allowing firms to track marketing campaigns and bring automation to the process of communicating with their clients.  From LawAlign’s CRM feature, attorneys can expect reporting and analysis on a cost-per-lead or better yet, cost-per-case basis.  This allows law firms to track their return on investment, while automating communication and solidifying attorney client relationships all while growing their firms.

The advertising management aspect of LawAlign’s CRM feature will allow law firms to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.  Firms will be able to create reports to view how many leads became clients, which sources generated the most clients and track how much money they spent on certain marketing campaigns by weeks, months, years and everything in between.  LawAlign’s powerful search ability combined with the CRM aspect will give law firms an unlimited amount of ways to view and manage their data all in one place, while reducing the cost of marketing and client service. The ability to determine how business is generated with the CRM tools will be essential to the firm’s future marketing decisions.

SMS/Text Messaging is the new way to communicate with potential and existing clients and now law firms will be able to do it directly from LawAlign. Not only will law firms be able to send SMS/Text Messages to clients, individually or in groups, but will also be able to schedule automatic, pre-formatted text messages for status updates, follow ups, reminders, upcoming events and much more. SMS/Text messaging is the ultimate method of communicating with clients and increasing client satisfaction while saving time and money.

LawAlign’s CRM module also includes an option for bulk emails, which allows firms to easily set up different templates for automatic emails based on client status, case status, case type, potential clients and etc. Bulk emails will allow law firms to follow-up with their clients, send articles, track, analyze, build and maintain relationships ensuring referrals and happier clients. Consistently touching base with potential or past clients will keep your law firm in their minds and ensure that your firm will be the go to if and when an accident occurs. LawAlign will quickly become the best part of managing your client relationships, so that you can focus on doing what you do best, practicing law and growing your firm.

With LawAlign your firm will see an increase in profits, productivity, case turnover and resolution rates while reducing costs, errors and potential malpractice claims. This is just the beginning for LawAlign, who will continue to constantly innovate and develop new ways to improve firm efficiencies.

“We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the ABA TECHSHOW 2016.  We are excited to generate awareness and introduce LawAlign as the ultimate case management software for Personal Injury Firms nationwide,” said Dzeni Hujic, CEO and Founder of LawAlign.

The CRM module is only one example of the many benefits LawAlign has in store for Personal Injury Firms.  LawAlign’s CRM module, as well as other new and exciting features will be launched at the ABA TECHSHOW 2016.  Don’t miss out.

Come visit us at Booth 215 at the ABA TECHSHOW 2016 in Chicago IL, March 16-18, 2016.



Dzeni Hujic, CEO & Founder
P: (646) 837-7967
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