Assistive Technology for Law Firms

In an age when discussions of equity have moved past just diversity and into substantive inclusion, the topic of accessible, assistive technology in law firms has risen to the surface.

There’s a lot that firms can do with their technology to make the workplace more accessible. Here are a few great articles to give you ideas:

How Technology Helped a Quadriplegic Build His Practice” by Glenn F. Campbell chronicles Glenn’s experience of becoming quadriplegic, how he continued his education, and how he started his own practice. Glenn also explains some different forms of assistive technology for those who may not know or realize what’s possible.

New Law Office Technology for Everyone” by Lainey Feingold asks the crucial question: “Are your technologies—and your content—accessible to everyone?” Feingold explains that all sorts of people find paper challenging. For them, a paperless office is revolutionary. Lainey goes past the need for assistive technology to assert the need for accessible content as well.

When Vision Becomes Verbal” is an interview with Julius Sweetland, the creator of OptiKey—a reimagined eye-tracking software he released for free. Traditional eye-tracking interfaces are extraordinarily expensive and outdated to boot. Sweetland’s OptiKey is great news for individuals with speech and motor limitations who want a fresher, more intuitive technology at no cost, and may be something to consider for workplace implementation in the future.

Bonus article from Law Practice Today! “Inclusion Without Litigation: Technology Paves the Way” by Joshua Paulin. Joshua recounts how he hired his completely blind wife, Ana, as his firm’s office manager, and why it was one of his best professional decisions ever. He also covers some of the technology and techniques they have implemented in their office.

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