Why Your Small Firm Should View Cyber Security as the Largest Threat

Unfortunately, today’s reality is one where cyber security is no longer a concern exclusive to governments, healthcare providers, and banks. As evidenced by patterns and events from recent years, anyone from Target to Ashley Madison to law firms is at risk. The truth is that most cyber-attacks occur randomly and in a clandestine fashion, where hackers scan the web for any available vulnerabilities to exploit. This means that, regrettably, everyone—irrespective of size, industry, or capitalization—is a potential target.

It also means that hackers could be copying your data, right now, without anyone being aware of it. In fact, 80% of the top 100 law firms have been breached last year, according to the American Bar Association.

Furthermore, small and medium sized law firms are a preferred target for hackers since they usually have weak security protections in place due to lack of budget and awareness, yet they usually have access to the most valuable confidential information such as patents, financials, contracts, and even personal information.

Cloud computing, email, social networking, and Wi-Fi are a fabulous convenience, but these are also popular vehicles for hackers to gain access to proprietary and confidential client information.

As an attorney, you have a legal and ethical obligation to keep your clients’ data private and confidential, according to the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information. Lack of diligence in protecting client confidences as a result of a cyber attack could put you at risk of a civil malpractice claim and a bar complaint.

In today’s society, it is not nearly enough to simply be aware of the threat of a possible cyber security breach. Instead, a minimum due diligence must be implemented to mitigate a potential breach. This minimum requirement, often required by most insurance companies, should include a yearly cyber security audit and regularly training employees to mitigate your risks.

As a small to medium sized law firm, you do not have the same IT budget and resources available to you as larger firms, which can put your organization, your clients, and possibly your license at greater risk.

Due to that fact, small to medium sized law firms have become the preferred target for hackers. In fact, 62% of all cyberattacks are targeted at small or mid-sized businesses.

We knew that the market was lacking a simple solution for this growing problem, and this is why Cyber Revolution, Inc., with the help of the American Bar Association, created the first affordable monthly cyber security plan to help protect against and mitigate those risks.

Our plan doesn’t just bring you the peace of mind you need to conduct proper business, but also implement the right affordable solutions to reduce your risks, such as encrypting your data, backing up your data to the cloud, protecting your network, training your employees against social engineering attacks, implementing simple policies to change strong passwords regularly and more.

Starting at only $175/month, based on the size of your law firm, Cyber Revolution, Inc. is finally bringing the solution long waited by law firms for the last decade with our Serenity Plan, which includes a cyber security brief, risk assessment audit, two hours of training and risk assessment per month, our certification label and 24/7 emergency support.

Being proactive is the only answer to protect your clients, your license and your reputation, so don’t wait! Learn more by visiting our website and contact us today!

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