Quick Hits Friday: Lawyers and Microsoft Word, Apps to Simplify Your Life, Passwords, and More!

Happy New Year! 2016 is finally here! Starting off a new year is always a great change of pace and a breath of fresh air! Like most of us at one point and time throughout 2015 you may have become distracted, busy, and may have missed out on some spectacular posts here at Law Technology Today. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In the first “Quick Hits” post of 2016 lets take one last look back and explore the top 12 posts from 2015!

Coding By, For, and With Lawyers

“Do you want to learn to code? Do you have an hour? Then QnA Markup is for you. QnA is a markup language for people with little or no programming experience, and I designed it specifically with attorneys in mind.”

How to Use a Rule 26(f) Conference to Cut Discovery Costs and Disputes

“Often viewed as a necessary evil, the Rule 26(f) conference is in fact a valuable opportunity to streamline discovery and forestall costly and unnecessary disputes. The key to a successful meet-and-confer is preparation.”

How to Download Your Facebook Data

“Ever wanted to download a copy of all of your Facebook activity? Concerned that you might need to archive all of your Facebook activity to ensure you’re in compliance with your jurisdiction’s ethical rules for advertising? Think your client’s Facebook activity might be important in a lawsuit? Here’s how you can get your own copy of all Facebook activity from an individual Profile.”

What is the Future of Law as it Converges With Technology?

A recap from of the spirited panel discussion at the second annual Above the Law Converge Conference at the University Club in New York City. The panel examined the future of legal practice, specifically exploring the impact of emerging technology on legal careers

What HIPAA Compliance Means for Lawyers as Business Consultants

“While many lawyers strive to become true business partners with their clients, law firms that deal in sensitive health information may need them to become actual business associates. Lawyers may qualify as business associates, which carries a whole host of obligations and compliance measures—and serious penalties for failing to meet those standards.”

The Ineffable* #Slack: 9 Things Lawyers Need to Know

“Somewhat ill-suited to a nutshell, Slack is most simply described as a platform that puts collaborative, synchronous communication in one place, with the capacity to share files, search powerfully, and get important communication out of email.”

My Apple Watch: Initial Impressions, Uses, and its Benefits for Attorneys

“Like most technology, the watch will eventually impact the legal profession, but incrementally. Right now, the watch is mostly an extension of your iPhone with the beginnings of productivity benefits to reduce the number of steps to receive, process, and disseminate information.”

Teaching Young Attorneys to Build a Book of Business

“Law school graduates may be trained in torts, but they’re not schooled in building a book of business. No one ever taught them how to market, and that leaves them without the tools they need to generate business when they make partner or otherwise ensure job security. A growing number are turning to third-party advisory services to help.”

Lawyer as Word Processor

In this post, Dan Lear argues the validity of testing lawyers on their word processing skills over, or instead of, “soft” skills for business.

The Paper Problem

“The legal industry has a Microsoft Word problem. And it’s not simply that lawyers aren’t proficient at using the popular word-processing application. It’s that legal professionals often conflate ‘practicing law’ with creating documents. While the rest of the world has gone digital, lawyers are focused on making ‘electronic’ documents that still look and act like paper ones.”

5 Questions on Password Management

“Passwords: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. In this month’s Law Technology Today roundtable, we dove into the complicated worlds of passwords and password management. How does your approach to passwords compare to what our experts share? There are lots of great tips and ideas in this conversation.”

10 Mobile Apps to Simplify Life for Lawyers

“As far back as the Stone Age, prehistoric mankind created specialized tools to make his daily life more efficient. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we see a very similar trend as workers rely on mobile tools and applications to streamline and organize their workloads.”

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