How to Clean Up Your Firm’s Accounting for 2016

We all know that bookkeeping challenges bog down the best efforts of many small law firms. Now that we’ve closed the books on 2015, it’s the perfect chance to start fresh with a new approach to accounting that will keep your ledgers clean and current all year long.

Learn how to keep better books — in less time — by taking a “do it once, do it right” attitude.

Take Advantage of the Takeaways:

Learn Legal-Specific Accounting Requirements — these are your goals, and you’ll avoid hours of retrofits by knowing them in advance.
See How to Integrate Time & Billing Entries with Accounting — Learn how to avoid the trap of entering the same data over and over again.
Understand the Importance of Staying Current — Monthly accounting closings are not good enough. Learn how to stay “real-time” current — and why that matters more than you think.


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