Quick Hits Friday: Upgrading To An ipad Pro, Accounting Tips for 2016, & Privacy in the Brave New World

It’s December! Tis the season to be jolly! Right about now however the reality is probably sinking in that you have just about two weeks to get the rest of your  holiday shopping done! We here at Law Technology Today recommend taking a moment to relax and breathe. Everything will be ok! While relaxing catch up on some tech articles that you may have missed while sleeping off all of that delicious Thanksgiving food from last month. Here are the Top 10 Posts from November!

iPad Pro: Improving Our Paperless World

“For creative types and people doing presentations, this is potentially an awesome device. It may be a luxury, but it is priced reasonably and is definitely another great tool to have in your toolbox. I suspect that this will serve another market as well … of aging eyes (like myself) where we may desire a larger screen.”

Legal Disruption Tipping Point: Why Do I Feel Like a Taxicab Driver?

“Several events over the past few weeks make me think that we may have reached the tipping point in a long-rumored disruption in the practice of law. Like the taxi cab driver watching his airport business flock to Uber and Lyft, lawyers may soon be wondering what happened, and how it happened so fast.”

Uniform Scanning Reduces Paper, But What Else Can It Do?

“There is a substantial value in scanning (and then destroying) as much paper as possible. That is why we promote a ‘less paper’ strategy. Less paper reduces office space, reduces offsite storage costs, and more.”

Yammer, a Social Network for Your Company

“Yammer is an easy-to-use and secure enterprise social offering from Microsoft that is available as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solution. Yammer enables a company’s employees to collaborate more effectively with each other so that they can achieve more.”

Legal Accounting Tips for 2016

“As the end of the year approaches, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have a million bookkeeping and accounting issues to resolve? We can help you fix them!”

A Primer on Using Electronic Redaction

“No matter your choice of discovery tools, one thing remains the same: redaction. Redaction removes privileged or protected information prior to production to opposing counsel. Redaction can be one of the most important—and sometimes the most costly—part of document review. Unfortunately, as the volume of data continues to rise, so will the cost to redact.”

Securing Data Assets and Archiving

“Archiving is a subject which has recently come back onto numerous firms’ agendas as a top strategic target. Across all industries, clients are becoming more educated on data security and what they require from their suppliers.”

Paperless Trials, Legal Collaboration and the Benefits of the Cloud

“What do paperless trials and case collaboration have in common? Both are now realities, both can achieve dramatic productivity and cost efficiencies for legal professionals and their clients.”

Examining Legal Tech Adoption, Part III

“We can toil away at technology implementation, apply lean and six sigma principles, and use key performance indicators to measure firm success, but it is fundamental change management that will push wholesale adoption over the line.”

When Private is Not Private: Privacy Expectations in the Brave New World

“We all love our devices: cell phones, tablets, laptops. Our electronic gadgets have changed the way we work and live, but it comes at a price. We have sacrificed security for convenience and there can be consequences.”

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