Quick Hits Friday: The Paper Problem, Legal Hackathons, & Your New Digital Assistant

It’s November; the holiday season is officially upon us! Before you throw yourself into holiday planning, traveling, and shopping, take a moment to relax and catch up on some tech articles that you may have missed while you were enjoying the last of the warm weather. Here are the Top 10 Posts from October!

The Paper Problem

“While the rest of the world has gone digital, lawyers are focused on making ‘electronic’ documents that still look and act like paper ones.”

A Trial Lawyer’s Review of Page Vault

“This software is a must-have tool for trial lawyers and anyone else that needs an archiving tool that protects chain of custody and eliminates any possibility of tampering with the evidence.”

Case Management 101

Dive into the intricacies of case management software in this recent Industry Insight webinar, presented by Smokeball.

Getting the Most out of Your Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner

“By building software that’s compatible with many different software providers, Fujitsu makes it easy to fit many different workflows.”

The Future of Law Firm Communication: Is Email On the Way Out?

In this episode of The Legal Toolkit, Jared Correia interviews Ryan Anderson, trial attorney and founder and CEO of Filevine, a project management and collaboration tool for lawyers, about email inefficiency and the future of communication in law offices.

Legal Hackathons: Innovation Labs for the Legal Industry

“Legal hackathons are opportunities for lawyers to shape the future of the industry. If you are a lawyer who can code, then you absolutely must attend one. If you can’t code, then attend one anyway…”

Time Tracking Tips

Make tracking your time easier, more accurate, and completely mobile in this recent Industry Insight webinar, presented by Amicus Attorney.

5 Questions on Digital Assistants

“We fly planes on auto-pilot, new cars are increasingly full of driver assistance software, and smartphones and wearables aim to guide us in many ways… Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are but a few examples.”

Bestlaw Pro Cuts the Cost of Legal Research

“Imagine if Google charged a subscription fee and, on top of that, charged again each time you clicked a link in a page of search results. It would fail, of course. So why is this tolerable in the legal world?”

Examining Legal Tech Adoption, Part II

“Last century’s lawyers saw legal technology as something that aided the practice of law, but this century’s emerging lawyers realize that legal technology is the practice of law.”


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