One LLP Jettisons Antiquated Technology for BQE BillQuick Legal

With more than 30 attorneys and 13 support staff, One LLP relies on accurate billing and reporting to ensure the intellectual property and entertainment law firm’s success and profitability. However, the law firm’s previous billing system presented more problems than solutions.

According to Sandrina Horodenski, Controller for One LLP, “The billing system just didn’t work for the firm. It offered antiquated technology. If one computer cable unplugged, we had data corruption. It also didn’t integrate with QuickBooks in real time. We would have to work within two separate systems, which resulted in duplicative labor and inefficient processes. Finally, there was no option to use the billing system online or on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.”

Along with the lack of mobility options, the tipping point for One LLP was the systems’ inability to support the law firm’s reporting requirements.

“Our old billing system couldn’t produce the reporting we needed to accommodate our billing and expense operations,” shares Horodenski.  “These reports were integral—a mandatory need that it could not fulfill even with custom reports.”

In late 2014, the law firm began searching for a replacement time and billing solution. It evaluated numerous options, including ProLaw, Juris Legal, and Amicus Attorney, but the solutions fell short of the law firm’s requirements.

“When evaluating other legal billing and accounting software solutions, at the end of five years it would cost us $500,000 dollars and we’d have to buy hardware on top of that. Also, the solutions couldn’t support our reporting requirements,” explains Horodenski.


BillQuick Legal from BQE Software, however, offered the law firm the functionality and price point it needed.

“The other solutions couldn’t get me what BillQuick Legal could,” comments Horodenski. “BillQuick Legal was very user-friendly and the firm could get customized and accurate reports on demand. I could drill down to specify exact expense line items or time entries for billing and reporting, as well as customize the attorney and client payment screen. After comparing it to the other solutions, it was clear that BillQuick Legal offered the best solution for One LLP.”

Benefits and Results

The firm began implementing BillQuick Legal in February 2015 and has welcomed positive results.

“I absolutely love BillQuick Legal,” says Horodenski. “It’s a billing and accounting system in one, so there is no need for double entry. We used to worry about data integrity on a daily and weekly basis, but with BillQuick Legal the data is intact. The integrity of our reporting system is solid and uncompromised. Every day, we are ecstatic about this.”

The attorneys appreciate the mobile features of BillQuick Legal.

Explains Horodenski, “The attorneys have already started using the BillQuick Legal mobile app to enter time. As soon as they enter the time, it immediately comes to my desktop. One partner told me he doesn’t even need to the desktop version of BillQuick Legal. He prefers to use the app.”

When asked what advice she would share with other law firms looking for time, billing and accounting software, Horodenski responds, “Tell them to go to BillQuick Legal. It’s an all-in-one solution for billing and accounting. Plus, it’s very easy for attorneys to use the mobile app and track their time and expenses.”

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