How Lawyers Can Do More in Less Time

Many lawyers work far more than 40 hours a week and still lack the time to work on firm marketing, practice management, and spending time with friends and family. Furthermore, with increases in technology, it seems as though lawyers should be more efficient, but this isn’t always the case. What are we doing wrong and what strategies can lawyers and other professionals use to increase productivity and free up more time?

In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Allison Shields, co-author of How to Do More in Less Time: The Complete Guide to Improving Your Productivity and Increasing Your Bottom Line. Allison discusses why she wrote the book, productivity mistakes lawyers often make, and specific suggestions she has for increasing time efficiency.

Topics include:

  • Pressure among other lawyers to overwork.
  • How technology has affected client expectations.
  • Setting goals for overall firm success.
  • The mistake of trying to multi-task.
  • Clear steps to overcome the fear of delegation.
  • Effective calendar use.
  • Using technology properly.
  • How lawyers and professionals should approach Allison’s book.

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