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Visitors of this blog are probably familiar with our Marketing category, where posts cover a variety of topics while stay tech-focused. Yet all the technology in the world isn’t useful unless you have a use for it; sometimes it’s helpful to read about practical, actionable steps to market a law firm in addition to the technology part of it. The August issue of Law Practice Today offers articles that give practical steps. Here are some that immediately jump out:

Looking at those four particular articles, you can rearrange them to get a roadmap of building, cultivating, and maximizing your marketing efforts. Build your website, populate with content, and that content can be repurposed or fed into eBooks and other publishing avenues. Gradually, your marketing system feeds itself, and that series of blog posts on how you were able to collect more, or streamline an aspect of your business, makes a great eBook. Soon you have a series of eBooks, and with a little more detail or expansion, those comprise a useful book.

Those four are a good marketing model for any size firm. One post in particular that jumps out for larger firms is “Unlocking the Legal World’s Chambers of Secrets.” The Harry Potter reference made me curious, and the post itself is one of the more useful, honest posts on law firm marketing that I have read. It talks of legal marketing as a human endevour:

The challenge in legal marketing is that when we focus on the “what our attorneys do” side, listing facts, cases, matters, and data, we are telling only half of the story. To address Dahut’s challenge, however, we need insights into our attorneys as people and professionals, to know their personal stories. That information enables us to write and market convincingly about differentiators among attorneys, groups, and firms.

Chambers offers a wonderful opportunity to ask questions of attorneys that get to the heart of their individual stories.

The article goes into detail about what questions to ask, information to gather, and how to get at the more human side of being a lawyer. With all the talk of lawyers being automated out of a job, it is easy to forget that there are aspects to being a lawyer that are uniquely human. Being able to articulate those aspects will be increasingly important, and having a useful guide to reference will put you, and your law firm, ahead.

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