AI, Structured Search, Mac to PC, and Other Quick Hits for Labor Day

Here we are: Labor Day, that last summer holiday. Put your feet up, take a deep breath, survey your surroundings, and enjoy the moment.

Now, here is what you read the most in August:

There were a couple posts I found especially interesting; the first deals with structured search engines, and why law firm websites need them. Searching has become common place, and we’ve become so conditioned to “Googling it” that I’d wager few give much thought to the search bar on their own websites. The post offers six steps to implement a structured search bar, and I’d be interested to hear from those who do, and the results (if any) they’ve seen. The other post that caught my attention was using Yelp to find new clients. It created a small stir in the comments as there is some truth to seeking out more information, but relying on one popular site alone runs the risk of getting a fraction of the larger picture.

Did you have a different favorite post in August? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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