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Accepting Credit Card Payments – Boon or Bust?

As part of the push to speed up bill paying, many law firms are tempted to accept—and even promote—payment by credit cards.

What could go wrong with faster cash flow?
A lot.

Join us for “Accepting Credit Card Payments—Boon or Bust?” on Wednesday, September 16th to learn how to implement the best solutions for credit card payments.

Gain insight on:

  • Accepting credit cards at your firm vs. cash or checks.
  • Challenges caused by your merchant services provider.
  • Avoiding issues caused by an improper internal setup.

“Accepting Credit Card Payments—Boon or Bust?”
Wednesday, September 16th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET
Free Registration

“Credit card payments present real challenges for law office accounting. These include how the revenue is recognized, what account it lands in, when it is ‘earned’, and more. A simple merchant account will not comply with the special rules law firms must live by. In light of the accounting complications, many law firms still do not accept credit cards. But that’s a self-defeating (and non-competitive!) option. You are much better served by learning how to setup your merchant accounts correctly.”


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Please note, this is a Non-CLE webinar.

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