Mobile Apps for Legal Services: Competition or Advantage?

Software developers and progressive law firms are looking for ways to streamline their practices, offer higher quality services for less, and help bridge access to justice. Using mobile apps and other technologies, basic legal services are increasingly available, affordable, and easy to use. But many attorneys are wary of technology like LegalZoom and Shake because they think it poses competition to and might even replace solo and small firms. So how can these solo and small firm lawyers modify their practices to compete in the changing legal market?

In this episode of The Legal Toolkit, Heidi Alexander interviews two people who are on the technology side of offering legal services. Abe Geiger, the founder and CEO of Shake, and Bill Palin, an attorney and app developer, discuss why they decided to create the legal technology tools, how solo and small firms might use these tools to gain a competitive advantage, and which non-legal mobile apps lawyers can use to increase efficiency in their practice. Don’t know where to start? Abe, Bill, and Heidi finish the podcast with app suggestions, how to catch up on tech trends, and predictions for the future of legal services.

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