Law Practice Authors Podcast Roundup

The Law Practice Division, under which this blog falls, has a growing library of books related to the practice of law, technology, business, and things not taught in law school. We’ve been sharing excerpts from those books, but sometimes it’s helpful to hear directly from authors. We’ve rounded up some podcasts from ABA meetings over the past year that feature some of our authors.

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: The Authors of Your Favorite Legal Technology Books

Listen as Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti and Kennedy-Mighell Report host Dennis Kennedy interview legal technology authors Allison Shields, Dan Siegel, and Tom Mighell about the Author’s Track at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Together, they discuss the challenges in writing for lawyers and what it was like to present during the Author’s Track at the conference. Shields, Siegel, and Mighell all urge lawyers to make a couple of changes in their technological processes in order to have a more efficient practice.

Allison Shields is the president of Legal Ease Consulting in Long Island, NY. She helps lawyers with the business end of their companies including marketing and development, fees, time management, and efficiency.

Dan Siegel is a practicing attorney from the suburbs of Philadelphia and a consultant who works with attorneys to help manage and improve their workflow. He is a nationally-known writer and lecturer about technology in law offices and in litigation.

Tom Mighell is a senior consultant with Contoural, helping companies develop information governance and litigation readiness programs. Mighell is also the co-host of Legal Talk Network’s own Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast.

2015 ABA TECHSHOW: Online Legal Research with Carole Levitt

Carole Levitt, previously a law librarian, is now president for Internet for Lawyers, which she started in 1999. Internet for Lawyers teaches lawyers how to do online investigations to find background information on people, their own parties, opposing clients, companies, and topics relevant to a case.

Laurence Colletti interviews Carole Levitt at the 2015 ABA TECHSHOW. Levitt discusses her book, Internet Legal Research on a Budget, and her speaking event at the conference, “Bing, Google, Duck, Yahoo: How to search for anything and find it.” Tune in for tips on effective online research for lawyers.

ABA Law Practice Division: Tom Mighell on Legal Publishing

The Kennedy-Mighell Report co-host Dennis Kennedy interviews host Tom Mighell at the 2014 American Bar Association Law Practice Division Fall Meeting. Together they discuss how the Law Practice Division helps new authors publish legal issues through their webzine, blog opportunities, and even book authorship. Many exciting new book topics being published by the ABA include alternative fees, internet legal research, encryption, ethics, and legal technology. Kennedy and Mighell talk about their new book, Flying Solo, which helps solo practitioners with operations, marketing, and finance management. Mighell finishes by discussing how he has benefited from the Law Practice Division, why lawyers should get involved, and how anyone can be considered to write a book. Tom Mighell started as a practicing lawyer for a defense firm in Texas, became a legal technology support coordinator, and is now a senior consultant at Contoural. He became involved with the ABA through the TECHSHOW Board, has been Chair of the Board, and has been Chair of the Law Practice Division.

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