Decrypting Encryption: Gaining Competence on Encryption for Your Practice

Do you encrypt your e-mail when communicating with a client? Do you encrypt client files on your laptop? How can you ensure that the digital files entrusted to you are safe?

Understanding the basics of digital encryption may sound like a monumental task, but our experts will break down the technicalities into digestible morsels. Lawyers are responsible for protecting the information entrusted to them, and knowing the basics of digital encryption is becoming a must-have knowledge base.

Join us on Thursday, August 27th to discover the benefits of encrypting electronic communications and how you can adequately protect the digital files on your computers and mobile devices.

Decrypting Encryption: Gaining Competence on Encryption for Your Practice
Thursday, August 27, 2015
1:00pm-2:30pm ET
CLE 1.5
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