Capturing Webpages as Evidence: Risks and Best Practices

Today, the collection of online evidence is a crucial aspect of many cases. Even before litigation begins, both plaintiff and defense frequently scour the Internet to build a case for or create a defense against an anticipated lawsuit. Attorneys looking to capture and admit online content must consider the ephemeral nature of the Internet and the authentication challenges specific to web-based content.

Explore the different approaches courts have used to evaluate the admissibility of online evidence. Join us on Tuesday, August 18th for our free webinar, Capturing Webpages as Evidence: Risks and Best Practices, and discover the best practices for capturing, storing and presenting web evidence.

Webinar Information:
Capturing Webpages as Evidence: Risks and Best Practices
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
2:00 – 2:30pm ET
Free Registration

Gain insight on:

  • Admissibility risks with capturing online evidence
  • Ways to authenticate webpage evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Pros and cons with different methods to capture online content
  • Best practices for capturing webpage evidence today


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Please note this is a non CLE program.

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