How Law Firms Can Achieve Giant Breakthroughs With Just a Turn of the Head

Have you ever observed a fly attempting to escape a room through a closed window?

As you listen to the fly’s intense buzzing and see it repeatedly bump into the glass, you realize very quickly what the fly’s strategy is: to try harder. But it doesn’t work. Regardless of how hard the fly tries to break through that glass, it is impossible.

We can give the fly lots of credit for its commitment and determination… but it is destined for failure and will eventually “die trying.”

On the other side of the room, mere steps away, there is a door wide open to the outside world. If the fly simply did a 180 degree turn and flew for five or ten seconds, it would have reached its goal, saved itself the effort, and its life.

Working harder isn’t always the key to success.

There’s a saying that goes, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.” Expecting otherwise is the definition of insanity. Major breakthroughs in life are often achieved when we go about something in a completely different way than what we’re used to or comfortable with.

The growth of a law firm is much the same.

If you want to exponentially increase the efficiency and productivity of your law practice, the breakthrough isn’t likely to come from putting in more hours, working faster or generally trying harder. The breakthrough will come when you do something you have never done–when, like the fly, you turn yourself towards the open door instead of continuously banging your head against the more familiar closed window.

May We Show You to the Door?

Amicus Cloud is that open door for many law firms.

Imagine this scenario…

You’re on your way home. A client sends you an email. You get it on your smartphone, and send off a quick reply. That evening the client replies again, this time you reply on your iPad.

In the morning, you open Amicus Cloud on your laptop. All four of last night’s emails are there and have been associated to the client’s file.  Best of all, the minute you log in, Amicus tells you that you worked on four client-related email messages yesterday and need to create time entries for them. With just a couple of clicks you’ve captured billable time that otherwise would have been lost.

Operating at this level of efficiency and organization is what can take law firms from good to great.

Designed by lawyers for lawyers, Amicus Cloud is a highly intuitive practice management system that includes all the functionality needed to effectively run a law firm. The major breakthroughs come from the seamless email integration, the way the tools communicate with one another and the compatibility across all devices that lawyers like you use nowadays.

Amicus Cloud facilitates practice management at a higher level and the freedom to work the way you want to!

It’s a service as much as it is a software tool. Your data is backed up for you, free training is available and unlimited support is included at a low price of $45/month.

Try Amicus Cloud Now FREE for 21 Days …

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