What’s Your Score?

Few small law firms can keep up with cutting-edge technologies (big data mining, anyone? predictive analytics?) But a new Small Law Firm Technology Survey and Analysis lets you level-set your technology use realistically alongside other firms your size and overall practice type.

Enter your firm profile—size, type(s) of matters—and answer a few questions about how you use legal-specific software. The Analysis returns a bell curve-scored evaluation in three areas:

  • Technology basics (information security, mobile capability). This area concerns your basic ability to serve clients quickly and accurately, when and where they expect you to be of service. And importantly, are you providing your client with the level of information security that the ABA expects you to provide?
  • Litigation and/or transactional practice technology. While many firms “cobble” several generic programs into a drafting and case management habit, this approach results in much lost time as you move from one software tool to another and keep multiple windows open at once. Meanwhile, you risk missing important legal insights because the facts exist in isolated places.
  • Law practice management. Most firms now realize that the catchy phrase “practice management” refers to the way you store and access the client information, legal documents, facts, and billing for all of your matters. And like the computer revolutionized business overall, cloud-based practice management has revolutionized an attorney’s ability to give clients the “more for less” that today’s market demands.

See where you have strengths and weaknesses, and a quick list of recommendations in each of the three categories. The evaluation is delivered on a personalized Web site that you can save, share and discuss. Start your Small Law Firm Technology Survey and Analysis.

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