AutoText for Frequent Email Repeat Responses

We all have responses that we constantly have to retype, or we spend ten minutes looking for a similar email that we drafted recently to another person. Instead of wasting this time, create an AutoText entry in Outlook to automate the response!

  1. Find the “model text” that you want to use as the AutoText entry. Copy it into your Windows clipboard (select and hit CTRL-C).
  2. Draft a new email and paste it into the body of the new email.  Format it and clean it up. I suggest removing any client names to make it generic.
  3. Select the text and then select Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > Save Selection to AutoText to AutoText
  4. Give it a name (nickname) with at least 4 characters.
  5. To use the AutoText entry, simply place your cursor in the body of the email (in the desired location), and then type the first 4 characters of the AutoText name. You will see a pop-up preview of your entry. If you want to insert it, simply hit your Enter key. Another way to insert it is to select Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > and then select the AutoText entry from the preview gallery.

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