Are You Missing Out Because You’ve Always Done it That Way?

Whether in the form of a meme, an inspirational quote, or written on the walls of a boardroom, there has been a ubiquitous adage that has taken over the corporate landscape over the past couple of years. You’ve likely heard or seen some variation of it. The initial question: “What are the seven most expensive words in business?” The answer: “Because we’ve always done it that way.”

One can surmise that this new adage is the modern version of “old habits die hard.” Whichever way you look at it, there is truth behind these words.

Chances are, if you’re operating your law practice the way you have been for years just because “you’ve always done it that way,” you’re missing out on incredible opportunities—increased profits. If you continue to have bad practice management habits, you’re wasting time, and missing out on immense potential.

It’s true—it’s not easy to get out of the rut. So, how do you do it? The most important thing to do is to ask yourself what’s holding you back. When adopting a new system, or transitioning from a poorly functioning system, it’s usually fear that gets in the way of change for the better.

If you’re ready to increase profits and efficiency, Amicus Attorney is here for you. And we’ll eliminate any fear. Our practice management advisors, support team and worldwide network of certified consultants are here to guide you to the other side.

Here’s a perfect example of a law firm that was at a crossroads. The Kabb Law Firm was experiencing a number of issues related to the stability, usability, and mobility of their existing case management system and had to decide if they should keep making remedies as needed, or if they should switch to an entirely new system. They opted for the latter, and chose Amicus Premium because of the natural workflow, robust features, mobility, and incredible tools it offers.

Their local certified consultant guided the firm every step of the way, eliminating any fear that may come with converting to a new system. And it was so easy! Essentially overnight, their consultant was able convert records from the firm’s legacy system including contacts, cases, and events, saving the firm thousands of hours if it had been done by manual entry. Their consultant worked around Kabb’s schedule to minimize the impact on the firm with one-business day turnaround time for a full database conversion.

With such a quick and painless transition, firm members experienced the benefits of Amicus Premium immediately. Bad habits were being broken within moments of being up and running! Click here to read the full case study.

If you’re ready to break bad habits and experience increased levels of profitability and efficiency, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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