3 Ways to Optimize Data Privacy and Protection in the Digital Age

Privacy breaches occur every day, and firms of all sizes are at risk. It only takes a single breach to jeopardize your brand, your company reputation, customer loyalty, and your bottom line. What changes to traditional information management and security are required to accommodate the always-on, mobile, social attorney? What should firms and corporate law departments do now to achieve greater agility and better meet attorney—and client—demands for secure access to key information?

Learn how the latest technological advances are pushing at the edges of existing laws and forcing firms to re-examine their fabric of privacy protections, and what you can do to ensure the highest levels of compliance and security in our increasingly digital age.

In this video, discover:

  • How data usage and data management impact security
  • The intersection of information governance and data privacy
  • Security and data protection issues associated with social media

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