Securing Data—From the Law Office to the Courtroom

Regardless of the industry in which you work, maintaining productivity while on-the-go will always be a challenge. The concept of “BYOD” and its ability to empower a worker away from the office popped up years ago; since then, however, the topic of securing these mobile devices and the accompanying data has become a cause for concern. When it comes to professionals in the legal services industry, being able to share files containing crucial evidence on case proceedings and detailed information about clients and witnesses between staff and other law offices and courthouses is an absolute necessity.

Without the ability to share data on-the-go, and among other involved parties, legal professionals are simply unable to do their job. As such, it’s important for IT decision makers within these organizations to understand the importance of securing sensitive information. By not doing so, critical information can fall into the wrong hands, influence the outcome of a trial, or worse, expose the firm to risk and threaten someone’s personal safety. In an effort to prevent this worst possible outcome, IT professionals must better educate themselves on the benefits of securing data through encryption. Here are three reasons why the legal industry should embrace encryption:

BYOD—Anytime, Anywhere

As mentioned above, whether a legal firm has already allowed employees to bring personal devices into the corporate environment, or are considering incorporating smartphones and tablets into standard business operations, encryption can secure the data across all devices and enforce policies at the user level to ensure all information is safeguarded.

If an encrypted device were lost or stolen, not to worry. Encryption software can secure data at rest and provide proof that a device was in a secure state at that specific time. This prevents unauthorized access and limits potential risk of data being compromised—no paper trails are left behind.

Checking the Right Boxes
Implementing encryption software to protect corporate data can help legal firms comply with the regulations of regional bar associations as well as the regulatory environments of their clients—for example, HIPAA for healthcare clients. All in all—encryption ensures compliance.

If you’re an IT decision maker in the legal space and are interested in hearing more about the topic of encryption, feel free to download a copy of WinMagic’s eBook, Encryption Keeps Data on the Right Side of the Law: Benefits of Encryption for Legal Services here.

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