Pre-Gaming ABA TECHSHOW 2015

The Law Practice Division, under which this blog falls, is hosting its annual ABA TECHSHOW this week in Chicago, at the Hilton on South Michigan Ave.

Sessions offer the nuts-and-bolts on everything from using Macs in your law office to data encryption to wearables, even how to use Evernote or OneNote in your law practice. If you’ve ever read one of the In One Hour books, like the popular iPad in One Hour for Litigators, you can get a chance here to meet the author. Yes, Tom Mighell himself will be at ABA TECHSHOW, along with Stephanie Kimbro who wrote the book on virtual law practice, Steven Best who is known for his book on PCLaw, Carol Levitt and Judy Davis of legal research fame, and Dan Siegel and Allison Shields who are all about doing more in less time.

You may think, “Hey, I want to write a book!” You’re in luck. Mighell, who is also the Law Practice Division Publication Board chair, is hosting a “How To” session on becoming a Law Practice author. I’ve been toying with a book on open source for lawyers. You? I bet you have an idea for an In One Hour book. It’s probably something you do or use every day, advice or a tool you’ve found helpful and have passed on to other people. Why not make it into a book?

ABA TECHSHOW has been around for a number of years, and gets a little bigger each year. As such, veterans have taken to posting “survival guides,” which even a veteran attendee like myself find useful. Phil Brown, a lawyer and photographer from Toronto, published one such survival guide. It’s pretty thorough. MyCase is more succinct in its “All you need to know” post. SmokeBall suggests some vendor booths to browse in order to build your practice, from business basics to marketing.

Can’t attend due to court dates, family vacation, or other scheduling conflicts? No worries, just follow the Twitter feed.

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