LawToolBox Launches Court Deadline 365 App for Clio

LawToolBox Launches Court Deadline 365 App for Clio
LawToolBox integrates with 3rd party products rapidly through APIs

DENVER 17 April 2015– LawToolBox court deadlines for Office 365 have now been integrated with Clio, and integration of the LawToolBox online deadline management system is in development, with plans to roll it out later this month.  

For law firms that are moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, LawToolBox has launched a new Outlook app where attorneys can calculate their deadlines for Clio entirely from within their Outlook.  The “LawToolBox Court Deadline 365 App for Clio” can be accessed either from within the Clio Marketplace or on Microsoft’s    This is the first matter-centric deadline management product LawToolBox has submitted to the Office store.  To use this new app for Outlook 365, an attorney simply downloads the app, sets up and activates a LawToolBox account, connects the app to their Clio account, and then can start calculating deadlines.  When the attorney or paralegal starts to type the matter name, LawToolBox will auto-complete the rest of the matter name and basic case info using information from the users Clio account.  The first time using the “calculate deadlines” wizard for a specific case, the user will select the state, toolset, and trigger date.  Deadlines can be directly synced into the users Clio account, and/or can be sent to experts using Google calendar, witnesses using iCal, or insurance agents using Lotus Notes using the LawToolBox calendar service.  The fee for this stand-alone deadline product is based on the number of Clio subscribers in a firm ($40/month first user, and $20/month each subsequent user).

Later this month, the Clio integration will be incorporated into the LawToolBox online deadline management system that law firms have been using since 1999.  This integration of Clio with the “full suite” of LawToolBox deadline management products will include off-the-shelf and custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trails, build your own deadline templates, sync to multiple calendars and more!

“We’re incredibly excited to offer this integration as a valuable tool for Clio customers to utilize for calendaring automation and malpractice avoidance,” said Jack Newton, Clio CEO and Co-Founder. “Any technology which enables lawyers to be more successful at their jobs certainly deserves a place within the Clio ecosystem.”

“With this new deadline app for Clio, litigators can stop burning through litigation budgets by rummaging through the rules of procedure and counting deadlines on fingers, and they can instead focus on the substantive issues that will win or lose their cases,” said Jack Grow, President of LawToolBox.  Using this technology, other third party applications can easily integrate their systems with LawToolBox.

Even if you just start with our basic calculator, with LawToolBox as your deadline management partner, as your practice grows and changes you can grow and transition into even more powerful deadline management tools.  An attorney can start with a basic calculator and then in 2 years when their practice has expanded they can graduate to a full-blown deadline management system.  As a small firm grows, and uses great legal products like Clio, LawToolBox has the tools to grow with them.

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Jack Grow, President & CEO, Inc.

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