How Cloud Computing Can Work for Your Firm (Free Webinar)

Cloud computing is empowering many firms to provide the latest technology and software to employees while dramatically decreasing IT complexity. In this interactive session you’ll learn how the private cloud works, see it in action in case studies and walk away with resources to begin building your own private cloud strategy.

Join us for How Cloud Computing Can Work for Your Firm and discover how to successfully adopt the cloud and apply it in your practice.

About the Free Webinar:
How Cloud Computing Can Work for Your Firm
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET
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In just 30 minutes, discover:

  • How the private cloud differs from software as a service
  • How IT can become simple, yet effective
  • How to evaluate cloud vendors properly
  • How to ask internal questions and determine if a private cloud is best for your firm

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Please note: this is a non CLE webinar.

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