How Lawyers Will Modernize Their Firms in 2015

At the end of each year, MyCase conducts a survey of solo and small firm attorneys with an eye toward better understanding their priorities and challenges in the upcoming year. This year we asked them to share with us the steps they would be taking to modernize their firms in 2015. From the nearly 800 responses that we received, it was clear that many solo and small firm lawyers shared the same technology goals for their practices. Here are a few of our findings and you can learn more about the survey results in the infographic below.

First, we learned that the biggest focus for the survey respondents in 2015 was their law firm’s website. For nearly half of the lawyers surveyed (49%) indicated that revamping their website was a top priority. If updating your law firm’s website is on your “to-do” list this year as well, make sure to watch the recording of our recent webinar with Gyi Tsakalakis, “Change Your Law Firm From Liability to Asset” and take a look at our slideshow, “Keys to a Successful Website: A Checklist for Law Firms.”

Another top priority for solo and small firm lawyers in 2015 was moving to a paperless office. This goal came in at a close second, with 47% of survey respondents indicating that they planned to take steps to reduce the amount of paper that their firm’s used. If going paperless is one of your goals for your law practice in 2015, watching our recent webinar with Ernie Svenson, “Creating a Paperless Office” is a great place to start!

Another popular focus for lawyers in 2015 is on updating their law practice management software. 25% of lawyers surveyed reported that investing in practice management software for the firm was a top priority. If you’re interested in learning more about choosing the right law practice management software for your law firm, our free ebook, “How to Choose Law Practice Management Software,” is a great resource.

Moving their law firm to the cloud was also a big priority for many of the lawyers surveyed. In fact, 25% of those surveyed reported cloud computing was an important step toward modernizing their law firm in 2015. If you share this goal, make sure to take a look at our slideshow, “Guide to the Cloud,” for tips and advice about transitioning your law practice to web-based software.

You can learn more about what other lawyers will be doing from the full survey results in the infographic below.

Do you have similar plans for your law firm? What steps will you be taking to modernize your practice in 2015?


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