The Science of Rainmaking in the Modern Law Firm

As legal practitioners in the rapidly-changing and data-saturated world of law, you are increasingly required to wear a greater number of hats. Particularly, in managing your practice, you need to regularly use skill sets that take you well beyond the basics covered in law school. The most successful lawyers are well versed in more than just their area of practice. Bringing in business—”Rainmaking”—is one of the most critical areas, and is both an art and a science.

For these partners (and any juniors wishing to excel), understanding a thing or two about human resources management, leadership, business development, marketing, and relationship-building are just as critical as their proficiency in practicing the art of law. They understand that these are the numbers that make money for their firms.

This may sound like a lot to manage, but modern practices aren’t run the same way as they used to be. Technology has changed the game, and those who leverage it well, do well.

The Science of Rainmaking

Today’s forward-thinking lawyers use a leading digital practice management software solution like Amicus Attorney to help them use their time more efficiently, securely share documents, recover lost billable hours, automate billing, and remain competitive among their peers.

Amicus Attorney customers know that their comprehensive practice management solution plays a valuable role in their firm’s profitability in a number of ways. They engage numerous intuitive tools that enable them to track referrals, target marketing and business development initiatives, and execute business plans. This is where the “rainmaking science” comes in practice management technology helps quantify your “rainmaking” artfulness.

Who doesn’t need a helpful reminder that you haven’t taken your biggest referral source out for lunch since last year? Who wouldn’t want to know whether or not your marketing dollars are paying dividends? Amicus Attorney ensures that you don’t neglect your revenue streams, and allows you to evaluate the success of your business development endeavors.

Beginning the New Year with the world’s leading practice management solution will take you to new levels of profitability and efficiency. The best part? You’ll save time and money in your practice immediately, and forever say goodbye to lost billable hours.

We’ve briefly covered how rainmaking can be a science. Stay tuned for ways to engage the art aspect. Over the next year, Amicus Attorney is pleased to bring you content on how you can market your firm and yourself in order to generate new business.

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