How to Do More in Less Time

Who doesn’t want to do more in less time? The 4-Hour Work Week anyone? Sounds great, and in theory, it’s wonderful. The tricky part, however, is getting from theory, or thinking about it, to the doing part. We often get tripped up on how, exactly, to accomplish more in less time. We have all of these tools are our disposal, from tablets and smartphones to cloud-based applications, and our first instinct is to find a better tool.

A better tool isn’t always the answer.

In this inaugural episode of the Law Practice Books Podcast, Tom Mighell interviews Allison Shields and Daniel Siegel on the topic of their new LP book, How To Do More in Less Time. They talk about starting small by setting goals and prioritizing, and then looking at the technology and processes you already use to accomplish daily tasks. Are those tech tools and processes being used efficiently? For example, are there ways to use the tech tools and apps you already have more efficiently, like using keyboard shortcuts to open, save, print or send documents? When at your desk, do you find yourself spending more time gazing out the window, or shuffling papers from one side of your desk to the other while your assistant sits idle?

Small steps lead to doing more in less time. Both Shields and Siegel give you a tip at the end to get started today.

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