How to Become a Mobile Lawyer

91 percent of lawyers use smartphones and tablets but what exactly does being a mobile lawyer mean? Simply using email on your mobile device shouldn’t cut it. True mobility can transform your work; boosting efficiency and client relationships with real-time updates. There are many more ways to maximize being mobile than you might think, including sharing documents, integrating calendars, working with WorkSite, NetDocuments, Worldox, network file shares, and more.

Join us on Wednesday, February 4th for our upcoming webinar, Becoming a Mobile Lawyer, and learn how to fully mobilize your practice in a few simple steps.

About the Webinar:
Becoming a Mobile Lawyer
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET
Free Registration

Gain insight on:

  • The most useful workflows needed by lawyers to be productive while mobile
  • What can be accomplished using DM and files with new mobile technology
  • How your firm can leverage existing investments in IT infrastructure for simple and affordable mobility, regardless of size


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Please note: this is a non CLE program.

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