How to Survive Your Trust Account Audit

Trust accounts are an integral part of many practices, and unfortunately they are also a common source of disciplinary trouble. Seamlessly incorporating your trust accounting into your day-to-day practice management routine is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your firm, and your clients. Yet many firms choose to maintain separate trust accounting systems – increasing complexity and risk in equal measure.

Four Rules to Make Sure Your Trust (IOLTA) Accounting is “Squeaky Clean”

  • Always Be Current – Retrofitting records is a recipe for disaster.
  • Always Be Correct – Auditors, regulators, and clients have “zero tolerance” for mistakes.
  • Always Be Compliant – How to maintain reconciliation & reports that always meet current IOLTA rules.
  • Always Be Transparent – Your auditors want 100% transparency with no obstacles.

In this webinar hosted by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, learn more about these four rules and discover how state-of-the-art practice management tools can bring trust accounting under control with little effort on your part.

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