Highlights from Law Practice Division Fall Meeting, Women Rainmaker’s Workshop

Last week was the Law Practice Division’s Fall Meeting and Women Rainmaker’s Workshop in San Diego, California.  The meetings brought together many of the leading figures in practice management and legal technology for several days of CLEs, networking, and business meetings. The Legal Talk Network stopped by to cover the event and spoke to many of the attendees, including our own LTRC Chair Rodney Dowell and LTRC Director Joshua Poje. Rodney and Josh spoke a little bit about the history of the LTRC and some of the resources the Center offers for lawyers and legal professionals.

If you weren’t able to attend the meetings in person, here’s a sample of what you missed:

Brett Burney on ABA TECHSHOW

Hard to believe, but yes, ABA TECHSHOW 2015 is coming. Brett Burney, ABA TECHSHOW 2015 chair, sits down with Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti to talk some behind-the-scenes action, hands-on sessions, vendor and speaker access and other cool stuff that happens at ABA TECHSHOW.

Cheryl Niro on Negotiating for Lawyers

Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti interviews Cheryl Niro, who explains her negotiation training sessions at the Women Rainmakers Board Mid Career Workshop, and how law school does not have proper, in-depth negotiation training. She discusses gender-related issues and shadow negotiations, methods to overcome negative outcomes, and how to accept conflict as a facilitator of change.

Tom Mighell on Legal Publishing

Dennis Kennedy flipped the format once already when it came to talking lawyers’ use of iPads, and he does it again here, interviewing Tom Mighell, chairman of the publishing board. They talk about how the Law Practice Division helps new authors publish legal issues through its webzine, blog opportunities (like the one you’re reading now), and even book authorship.

Linda Klein on Female Leadership in the Legal World

Still sitting in the interviewer chair, Dennis Kennedy talks to Linda Klein about her involvement with the ABA and Women Rainmakers Board, the struggle for women in leadership roles, and how generational differences and technology are changing the path of female lawyers.

Chad Burton and Adriana Linares on E-Lawyering

Legal Talk Network Producer Laurence Colletti interviews E-Lawyering Task Force Co-Chair Chad Burton and Vice-Chair Adriana Linares about the core components to delivering legal services using technology, helping clients be more comfortable using portals to exchange information, and the future of the E-Lawyering Task Force in 2015.

These were just a few of the many interviews recorded. You can find the full list of podcast interviews on the Legal Talk Network’s Special Reports.

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