MILOfest: Where Nerds Call Home

I like me a good legal tech nerd festival. Who doesn’t, right? As the years go on, those of us who have a defect/appetite for the latest tech trends have solid options on destinations to drop some money and learn. On the old-school front, there is ABA TECHSHOW, and the new darling is Clio’s Cloud Conference. There also is a niche market that cannot be ignored — straight up gangster Mac-using lawyers.

Thus, we have MILOfest (Macs In Law Offices Festival). MILOfest is the baby and brainchild of Victor Medina, a New Jersey estate planning lawyer. The fifth installment of MILOfest concluded with great success in October at the Disney Yacht Club and Resort in Orlando.

Yep, 2.5 days of solid Apple-product-learning occurred right outside the gates of Epcot. During the daylight hours, attendees shared experiences and learned from speakers including Jack Newton, Katie Floyd, Mark Metzger, and Larry Port, among others, on topics ranging from the latest updates on Yosemite and iOS 8, best practices for running a law firm using technology, using Siri in the practice of law (my topic), and workflows that reach the nerdiest levels. During the evenings, conference attendees wandered the grounds eating, drinking and watching families finish their day-long trek around the Magic Kingdom with exhausted parents dragging exhausted dressed up Elsa’s and Anna’s back to their hotel.

Like many of these conferences, a lot of the magic happens in between sessions when attendees get to share experiences, network and visit vendors, whether they have been using Macs their whole career or are new to the world. (I even witnessed team members from Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase eating dinner together — on purpose!)

If you are a hard-core Mac using lawyer or are thinking of going that route, MILOfest is a great option to learn and to be entertained. Keep an eye out for next year’s event. Also, consider joining the MILO, which has over 3000 participants talking about this stuff year-round.

Featured image courtesy of MILOfest.

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