Quick Hits Friday: Reviews! Reviews!

In between the three steps to producing powerful passwords and how to predict and set fees, we’ve had some app and product reviews you might have missed.

Abacus Private Cloud

James A. Farr, a solo lawyer in Alaska dealing primary with criminal and traffic ticket defense, takes us through his switch to Abacus Private Cloud.

What’s interesting about his story is that he tried to hack together a system himself, starting with a business laptop he bought before progressing to servers and off-the-shelf remote access software. He’s in Alaska! Hacking together a system to be able to work on the road. He explains his frustrations of his own hackable solution, the process of sourcing other options, why he rejected them and eventually came to settle on Abacus, first Abacus Sky and now Abacus Private Cloud.

For a quick summary, skip to the bottom of the post where he lists, in bullet points, what works for his practice.

Brydge+ Keyboard

You may know Craig Huggart from his Mailbox review. This time he took to hardware and wrote about the Brydge+ keyboard, from the aptly named Brydge Keyboard company. He’s an avid iPad user, and has been on the hunt for a keyboard to make working on the iPad more productive. He found it, and tells it to you straight: pros and cons. He finds it the best iPad keyboard he has used.

Clio’s Android App (Finally!)

At the Clio Cloud Conference, Joyce Brafford was thrilled to hear that Clio (finally!) released a native Android app. She spent a few weeks messing with it, and walks you through its features. What it’s like managing matters with the app, how to add contacts and track time. My favorite part of her review was calendar management. She also tells it straight: pros and cons. Most notable con: invoices are missing, but if a Clio and Android user, she says you should be using the app.

Rocket Matter’s iPad App

Jeffrey Lewis took Rocket Matter’s native iPad app for a spin. He’s been using Rocket Matter in his appellate and complex civil litigation practice since February 2010, and all too familiar with the frustrations of accessing Rocket Matter via a browser on an iPad. Calling the native app a “dramatic improvement” seems obvious, but he also shows where the iPad experience surpasses that of the desktop experience.

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