Using Social Media to its Maximum Potential

In an effort to help Midsized firms fully participate in our changed legal landscape and rise to meet their unique and pressing challenges, Thomson Reuters has created the Managing Partner Series, a thought leadership-focused collection of resources developed specifically for leaders of Midsized firms.

The Managing Partners Series site features webinars, videos and white papers developed specifically for Midsized firms. Each month, the site features a new topic that helps Midsized firms take advantage of new opportunities, make hard decisions and navigate complex situations. Our August topic, Business Development, featured a white paper on how to use social media to its maximum potential. A notable finding from the paper:

That Midsized and Large law firms are not using social media to its full potential means they are not capitalizing on readily available opportunities. An April 2014 study from J. Johnson Executive Search found that when law firms invested in marketing, including social media, 82 percent reported seeing client growth and 79 percent saw an increase in client retention. Since social media tends to be free or low-cost, those results are quite impressive, considering they stem from a fairly de minimis investment.

Another aspect of business development is cross-selling, and this video helps explain how Midsized law firms can identify cross-selling opportunities, and make the most of them. Later this month, the site will offer content on Technology and Firm Efficiencies.

The purpose of the Managing Partner Series is to engage leaders of Midsized law firms in productive, enlightening dialogue. By providing these leaders with the information, tools and insight they need for their firms to flourish, Thomson Reuters aims to become a solid and successful business partner. We’re happy to have you join us.

To download content about this month’s topic of Business Development or to see what other content is available, please visit our Managing Partner site.

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