iPhone and iPad Apps and Accessories for Lawyers to Use in Their Practice

At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference back in June, it announced it had 1.2 million apps in its App Store. With over a million apps, it is no wonder lawyers, or anyone, wants a faster way to find the best ones.

For lawyers, who better to ask about the best apps to use in your practice than iPhoneJD blog author Jeff Richardson? Legal Toolkit thought the same, and in this episode, Heidi Alexander interviews Richardson about his favorite iPhone and iPad apps and accessories that lawyers can use in their practice and lives. Richardson and Alexander list their favorite iPad, iPhone, and universal iOS apps for professional uses such as document readers, presentation tools, and Twitter managers, as well as apps for personal uses like podcasts or meditation.

Because they are almost never free, accessories are best purchased with a positive review. The favored accessories included mobile hard drives, docks, cases, keyboards, and the best bags in which to carry everything else. While not every lawyer will benefit from all of the tech products listed, in 30 minutes, all will learn about the next app or accessory that can improve their practice.

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