Using the 24 Item Clipboard Menu in PowerPoint

Storing multiple images or blurbs of text temporarily so you can paste them in various locations within a PowerPoint slideshow can be a huge time-saver! Most people think that the Clipboard holds just one item … the last item copied. A little-known or forgotten feature, found in all MS Office applications, is the Clipboard that holds up to 24 items.

To activate the multi-Clipboard in PowerPoint, select the launcher from the Clipboard group in the Home ribbon. powerpoint-shortcut-clipboard

Now you are ready to copy items into the Clipboard.

As you select and copy text, images or pictures, they appear in the Clipboard. In other words, PowerPoint will display a list of all items currently available in the Clipboard. To paste an item into your slide, position the cursor in the desired location within your slide, and left-click on the desired item to paste from the Clipboard.

To clear the Clipboard, select Clear All.

To clear one item in the Clipboard, right-click on the item and select Delete.

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