MailBox: Your Inbox Zero Hero? [Review]

We all get a deluge of email and staying ahead of the tide is a constant battle. I recommend you add MailBox to your email weapons. In the video I share who can use it and why I think it is so good.

MailBox is a free app for iOS and Android that works with Gmail, Google Apps and iCloud accounts. It was a successful startup that joined forces with DropBox so it looks like they will stick around.

One Complaint

Mailbox only supports simple formatting for your signature. In other words, your signature may not look exactly the way you want it to (especially if you use HTML formatting). Sometimes I sort my emails using MailBox and use another app when composing. I love the sorting so much that I’m willing to live with this minor inconvenience.

One Tip

You can swipe a group of emails by going to the bottom of your emails (where the number of emails is shown).

Question: What is your favorite tool or tip for winning the email war? What do you like (or dislike) about MailBox?

Featured image courtesy of Mailbox press kit.

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