Bottom Line: Tech Can Increase Profit, Done Right

If your bottom line is no concern, you’re an exception. Profitability is top of mind for most solo and small law firm attorneys, who are as much small business owners/operators as practitioners of the law.

And with budgets constantly tightening, how can a small firm grow profitability? Karl Florida conveys insights from his experience in business and the legal industry in the Thomson Reuters Independent Thinking article, How Technology Drives Short- and Long-Term Profitability for Small Law Firms. Florida leads the company’s small law firm business, which offers such legal solutions as the Firm Central practice management platform, WestlawNext small law firm plans, and FindLaw’s lawyer marketing solutions.

Find out why Florida sees technology impacting law firm profitability in the near term and far.  Download the free article or watch a short video to read/hear about:

  • Three specific software options that can help you operate more efficiently
  • Technology choices in the short-term that can solve for immediate workload and personnel challenges
  • How technology use today can drive long-term profit growth or firm expansion
  • An unexpected factor to consider in building your website

Download your free PDF copy of How Technology Drives Short- and Long-Term Profitability for Small Law Firms to learn more about smart technology choices that can impact and grow profitability for small firms.


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