4 Advantages of Billing in the Cloud

You don’t have to be tied to a single device that has your software on it. All you need today is a web connection. From set up to security, and a few in-between, here are four advantages of cloud based time billing with Bill4Time that you may or may not have known.

  • Ease of use among larger offices
    Dismiss the all-day event for software installations, incorrect serial numbers and long drawn out phone calls with customer support. Just log in and start securely billing.
  • Track your time; even offline 
    Not having access to the Internet shouldn’t affect your ability to run your business effectively. Access and update your data from your PC and Mac desktop widget and mobile apps. Once you are back online, we’ve got you covered, you’re synchronized automatically.
  • Invoice where and whenever
    The faster you bill, the sooner you can get paid! With the PayPal Online Payments feature your client can pay directly from your emailed invoice. Once the payment is verified by PayPal the invoice is automatically updated, one less step you need to do.
  • 24×7 Security and monitoring 
    Stored in a SAS70 Type II certified data center and transmitted with 128-bit SSL encryption, you bet you’re secure. Systems are monitored for maximum security and performance 24×7 and your information is backed up over 12 times a day with an option to back up to your own computer.

Fast and easy client billing ensures that you’re spending your valuable time doing what you do best and billing for it! For more information on billing in the cloud, please visit Bill4time.

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