Webinar Presentation Tips for Lawyers

In this last of the Presentation Tips series (part one: Atytpical and Typical tips, part two: Panel Presentation Pointers), Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell dole out useful advice for webinars.

By its very nature, the webinar presentation removes public speaking fears. No audience staring back at you, or fidgeting, restless. You’re not standing, elevated, alone, sweaty palms and racing heart beat as you try to clear your throat without letting the microphone tell everyone you are clearing your throat. Instead, you are safely ensconced in your office, protected by a phone with a mute button.

Webinars, however, have challenges of their own. The microphone passed around from person to person for Q&A? Now that’s an instant message window with a barrage of questions. Construction work outside the window? Noisy neighbors? Pets? Now the word “audience” has different meaning, so tune into this edition of the Kennedy-Mighell Report and learn some tricks of the trade.

Pay attention at the end, too, for some interesting comments on the “right be forgotten” ruling.

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