Tell your Story at ABA TECHSHOW 2015

Watching the Google I/O live stream, TED and TEDx talks and others, who hasn’t thought: “Why don’t I do that?”

Reasons start popping into your head, and you go back to the brief, back to the game or return to enjoying your vacation. The thought still percolates, simmers, eats at the corners of your mind. You do want do to that. You do want to share your knowledge, tell stories of the lessons you’ve learned and make your stamp on the legal tech scene.

Stop debating, reasoning you’re way out what you want. Instead, take advantage of the opportunity to tell your story by submitting your proposal for ABA TECHSHOW 2015 before July 13, 2014.

There is no shortage of topics for ABA TECHSHOW 2015:

  • Advanced IT
  • Android
  • Case Management
  • Client Care
  • Cloud / Collaborative Computing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Document Management
  • Marketing
  • E­-discovery
  • Firms ­- Solo & Small Firm
  • Firms ­- Large Firm
  • How To…
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Security
  • Litigation
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mobile
  • Paperless
  • Practice Management

Take advantage of the opportunity to share your story. You’ve learned lessons, gone through a process to figure out what works for you, overcome obstacles and made your firm work for you. Now it’s time to share.

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