Midsized Law Firms are Living in an Era of Opportunity

As clients drift away from Large Law firms and toward “big enough” firms, Midsized outfits stand a good chance to secure clients and business matters that only a few years ago would have seemed out of the realm of possibility.

Just because opportunity exists, though, does not mean that a given law firm is poised to take it. As any partner of a Midsized firm will tell you, firms of this size face their own unique challenges.

In an effort to help Midsized firms overcome the pressures they alone face and fully participate in this new, changed legal landscape, Thomson Reuters has created the Managing Partner Series, a thought leadership-focused collection of resources developed specifically for leaders of Midsized firms.

The Managing Partners site features webinars, peer insights and white papers developed specifically for Midsized firms. For example, the white paper “How To Win The RFP Game” offers guidance to law firms on how they can create winning RFPs without racing their competitors to the bottom of the price scale. “The Midsize Law Firm report,” a special report from Peer Monitor, examines the dynamic role these firms play in a changing legal market.

The purpose of the Managing Partner Series is to engage leaders of Midsized law firms in productive, enlightening dialogue. By providing these leaders with the information, tools and insight they need for their firms to flourish, Thomson Reuters aims to become a solid and successful business partner. We’re happy to have you join us. To download these white papers or to see what other content is available, please visit our Managing Partner site.

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